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Hotstar App for iPhone: Hotstar App for iPad & iOS Free DownloadFriends, if you often use your smartphone to watch movies, shows, and Hotstar live matches! So you must have heard the name of Hotstar apk! Which is being used today by crores of Indians in their smartphones and computer devices. Friends, if you do not know about Hotstar, in this post today, we will know what is Hotstar? How does work? Benefits? Video Download How to? What is Hotstar VIP? & all about Hotstar In Hindi?

Hotstar App for iPhone

But there are many such new internet users! Those who have no knowledge about Hotstar application! So we thought why not prepare this topic on the topic of Hotstar app today! Through this article, users can get all the necessary information about Hotstar.


So even if you are not aware of Hotstar application and its features in this online world! So this article is for you today. Because today, in this article, what is Hotstar in very simple and clear words? (What Is Hotstar In Hindi) How to use it? What are the benefits of using it? What are the main features in it? What is Hotstar Vip? To get complete and accurate information on this subject, definitely read this article till the end, so friends, let’s know what is Hotstar?

What is Hotstar

Hotstar is a Live Streaming App, with the help of which users can watch their favorite shows, movies, sports, and live news, etc. anytime anywhere through the internet. You can use Hotstar app Download on your Windows PC, iOS and Android devices. Friends Hotstar is an Indian App launched for the first time in the year 2015 to the audience. Which is owned (owner) by a company called Novi Digital Entertainment.

Today, the Hotstar app has contacts available in 17 languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati! So, you can watch movies, shows, etc. in any language as per your convenience.

Friends, many users in India use this official streaming app to watch IPL and international matches! Hotstar has been downloaded more than 100 million times so that you can get an idea of ​​its popularity.

I hope you now know what is Hotstar? – What Is Hotstar In Hindi? So friends, now we know how to install Hotstar on your smartphone?

Hotstar App for iPhone

You can install Hotstar’s Mobile App to use Hotstar on your Android device. Click this link to download Hotstar in Android Devive!

If you are a Desktop / Laptop user! So you can watch sports, movies, etc. shows by visiting Hotstar’s official site

How to use Hotstar on a smartphone? Let’s know! Friends, after downloading the Hotstar application in your Smartphone, open this app. Now here you will see the poster of Hotstar content, then click on Continue.

After that, now select the languages ​​in which you want to view the content on Hotstar. By doing so, you will come to the home screen of the Hotstar application! Where you will see many program movies etc.

In Hotstar application you will get to see Movies, TV, Sports, News category! Any category content you want to see! You can click on it.

If you click on the Tv section! So you get to watch many TV serials like Star Bharat, Star plus, Life oK, etc. So this way you can watch episodes of your favorite channels.

In the Friends Movies category, you will get to see popular movies of Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, etc.! However, to watch many of these movies, you have to take a paid subscription of Hotstar.

If you fall in the sports category, then live cricket matches, kabaddi, etc. match highlights and reports are seen! But if you want to watch live, then for this your smartphone should have the appropriate SIM (Airtel, jio), etc.! Or you can watch Hot Broadcast by purchasing Hotstar’s VIP plan.

Friends, you will be informed about Hotstar’s Vip plan by the end of this article. So, friends, you get to see many popular news channels in the news section! Such as Abp news, Aaj Tak, News Nation, etc. which you can watch live on Hotstar for free.

So if your phone has a good internet connection! So just like TV, you can watch live news channel in your mobile. Friends, you must have learned how to use Hotstar on your device! Now we go ahead and know how to download videos for free in Hotstar!

Hotstar App for iPad

If you have a favorite serial, this is your favorite movie! That you want to see later! So you can download that video offline in Hotstar application! And can watch it later in any free time.

Friends, however, all the serials and movies are not available for us to download on Hotstar! Which is why if you want to download an episode or movie! So based on the above screenshot, you can check whether you can download the video or not.

Hotstar App for iOS

Tv Channels

Friends, this is not the period when we have to wait in front of the TV to watch our favorite serial! Now we can watch our favorite serial anywhere, anytime with the help of internet. And helps us in this task Hotstar app!

You see almost all the channels of the Star Network in the Hotstar App! For example, Star Sports, Star Plus, Star Bharat, etc. can give channels plenty of entertainment in their free time.

Live Streaming

One of the main features of Hotstar makes it extremely useful. Millions of Indian users use the Hotstar apps to watch live cricket during the IPL and Cricket World Cup.

But for your information, let us know that at present, you can only watch sports and news channels live on Hotstar! And if you want to watch your favorite serial on Hotstar, then only after uploading it to Hotstar, you will be able to watch that serial.

Video Quality

Friends, if you also have enough internet connection or wifi internet then you can watch shows, movies, etc. on Hotstar for hours! That too like TV in HD quality! Hotstar’s video streaming technology ensures a great experience based on the user’s Internet connection.

Video calling is low on slow internet, whereas on a good internet connection you are able to watch videos in HD quality!

Video On Demand

Friends, the main advantage of having an internet connection in smartphones is that today we are able to see any information anywhere! Similarly, if you want to watch your favorite movie or serial on mobile, then you can watch it anytime through Hotstar.

Indian Content

On Hotstar, you get to see all the TV channels owned by Star Network. Also, you get to see both your regional language and national language content! This is the reason that the number of Internet users is increasing rapidly today.

So, guys, these were some of the highlights of Hotstar! Let us go ahead and know what are the benefits of using Hotstar to a user.


One advantage of using Hotstar is that it makes you cheaper, which is what every user wants. Yes, if you will see the monthly plan of Dth or Set-Top Box! So you will find that it is quite expensive compared to Hotstar’s premium plan.

The monthly plan of any Hotstar company is around 300 rupees! Whereas under Hotstar’s VIP plan you get a package of 1 year for 365 ₹.


Friends, people often prefer to use Hotstar instead of Tv! This is because favorite serials on TV come at a fixed time, Date! But you can watch the episodes uploaded to Hotstar at any time, eating and drinking.

If you have to do any important work in between, then you can go out because of that episode and watch that episode again in free time! In this way, you have complete control using Hotstar whereas you have no control over the programs of Tv.

Easy To Use

If you use Applications on your smartphone often! That is, you know how to run the Hotstar App for iPhone! So you can easily run Hotstar on your device. This is an easy-to-use application through which you can view your favorite content in one click.

No Hardware Required

Usually, if you want to Watch Live cricket, movies, etc. on TV in your home! So it is necessary to have DTH or set-top box etc. But on the other hand, talk about this online application! So here you do not need any hardware component!

Your mobile should have a channel subscription pack with just an internet connection. After that, you use your smartphone as a means of entertainment anywhere anytime. So, friends, there were some special features of using the Hotstar App for iPad, you must have also understood how it has replaced Tv after the arrival of the internet and smartphone.

Friends many times when you will use Hotstar App for iOS! Then you will hear about the Hotstar Vip plan! Because Hotstar also requires monthly/yearly subscription to watch favorite channels! So the question comes, what is this Vip plan? And how you can use it to watch your favorite channel.

When you go to the section of movies, you will see many movies that you can click on to watch a movie! Then you will be informed to buy Hotstar Vip plan! If you are a Hotstar Vip users then only you can watch this movie! Let’s know what is Hotstar VIP?

Download Hotstar iOS App

Hotstar launched a new subscription plan some time ago! This Annual (yearly) plan is much cheaper than Hotstar’s premium plan. And this is especially good for users who do not want to see all the contents under Hotstar’s premium plan.

Hotstar has provided some Hindi entertainment channels to people along with some sports channels under its Vip plan! And this VIP plan from Hotstar is one of the cheapest annual plans in the Internet streaming industry.

Subscribers who want to watch live cricket especially IPL, World Cup etc. on Hotstar! This Vip subscription of Hotstar will be the best for them!

What won’t you find in Hotstar?

Friends, if you take this Vip plan of Hotstar, before that you need to know that in this plan you will not see American channels like HBO, National Geographic and English

Friends, now we know that for which users this Hotstar Vip plan is made?

If you want to watch live matches anytime during cricket season like IPL, World Cup! So you can take this Vip plan of Hotstar.

But if you are among those users who like to watch entertainment channels! Like if you want to watch Hollywood movies, American and English channels! Then Hotstar VIP is not made for you! For this, you can subscribe to another premium plan of Hotstar.

Friends, thus you must have understood that Hotstar’s Vip plan is beneficial for you or not?

So friends, in today’s article, there is only so much hope that now you have got all the information related to Hotstar, and now you will know what is Hotstar? How does it work Benefits? Video Download How to? What is Hotstar VIP? & all about Hotstar In Hindi?

What is Hotstar you hope? You might have liked this post, and felt helpful.

If you have any questions related to this post, then comment below. And if you liked the post, then share it on social media.

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